230830 AICO Update Notes

230830 AICO Update Notes

Create Shorts with AICO! 
You can now select sections of your choice!

  • Select 10 minute sections from an hour long video! Premium plans will now deduct minutes based on how much you use.

✅ When you select a video with AICO, you will be directed to the section settings step found at the bottom of the page.

✅ It can be frustrating if the entire duration of your video is deducted from your paid plan when you only wanted to use a small portion of it. You can now select 10 minute sections from the video and the paid plan will deduct your minutes accordingly. (For videos less than 10 minutes, the whole video will be selected)

✅ If you check the <Auto-generating shorts with AI> function, the entire video will be analyzed and scripted. Then it will be converted to Shorts based on the recommendation made by ChatGPT.

  • Videos without a voice will work fine!

✅ Voiceless videos can now use AICO to create shorts

✅ Whether the video contains voice audio or not, you can select 10 minute sections before generating your video. Play around and easily create shorts for a wide range of contents like scenery and animals. 

  • Use the paid plan more efficiently!

✅ Did you find it inconvenient to create shorts based on long and lengthy videos that deduct minutes from your plan? With this update, you can now avoid wasting resources!

✅ Now that you can choose specific sections to analyze and make into shorts, the Basic subscription plan has become more efficient and cost effective.

  • Segmented categories for convenience!

✅ [Shorts collections] contains all the shorts created through AICO

✅ [Youtube collections] contains videos that have been analyzed by AICO using the <Auto-generating shorts with AI> function. These videos can be made into shorts anytime you desire.

AICO is built in collaboration with our customers.
If you encounter issues or have specific requests, please reach out to us through the Channel Talk support channel.
We are committed to addressing your feedback and enhancing your experience.

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